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Open Letter to Mike Weatherley MP and The Argus

Your attitude to private property is that of the land owners that belong in the “Medieval wasteland” you invoke, along with your Cabinet’s front bench…

Squatters Occupy Bloomsbury Hotel…

Squatters Occupy the Ivanhoe Hotel in Bloomsbury to Protest Against the lack of Affordable Housing!

Violent Russian Squat Eviction- Activists Face Ten Years in Prison

Russian police evict historic railway station in St. Petersburg which is due to be demolished to make way for high rise flats.

19 squatters arrested and several hospitalised. Those on trial need support and help with legal fees. Find out more or donate at-

Spanish Locksmiths Unite Against Evictions

Locksmiths in Spain have banded together to defy the country’s banks, who in the wake of the mortgage scandal are now receiving a European bailout to the tune of 40 billion euros.

Although they claim to be losing up to 10% of their business, Pamplona’s locksmiths are fed up with seeing the most vulnerable in society paying for the errors of the banks and the wider financial system.