Squash campaign launched

The Squash launch event took place at the Houses of Parliament on the 18th of May. Presentations were made by Crisis, the Empty Homes Agency, the Advisory Service for Squatters and Squash. We discussed the squatting population, why this legislation is being put forward, and the financial, juridical and social costs of implementation.

Perhaps most alarming were anecdotes about the reality of squatting as a crucial safety net for the most vulnerable members of society. It’s striking that the government’s plans would criminalise those already facing desperate circumstances.

All in all, the event proved that there is a broad range of concerned voices now actively looking at this matter.

Squash also used the event to launch our Parliamentary Briefing.

Our next public meeting is being planned for mid-late July. This will be an opportunity to hear and share opinions on the government’s proposals, meet others who are thinking about them, and prepare for the consultation exercise that the government says is coming. We will update you when a date is confirmed.

Over the coming months, you can expect to hear much more from us. We will continue to make the case for secure housing and cast an eye over occurrences in this critical debate.

In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and please pass word of the Squash campaign.