Nick Clegg’s lobbying group opposes criminalisation…

This week we noticed that a Lib Dem lobbying group, ALTER (Action for Land Taxation and Economic Reform), had responded to the government’s consultation and proposals to criminalise squatting with a big fat nay.

Not only do they agree with us, and just about everyone else with any expertise in the area (property lawyers and academics, the magistrates association, the Law Society, the Metropolitan Police Service etc.), that the change in law is costly and unnecessary, but they go further and point out that it represents ‘a valuable state funded benefit to wealthy tax avoiders’. Holy smokes.

Nick Clegg is the vice-president of this particular lobbying group, so hopefully they’ve got some clout. Will the coalition government listen to, erm… themselves? Read their top line below, and full response by following the link beneath:

“If squatters take over your home, it is a criminal offence. Other properties are protected only by civil law. The Conservative Justice Minister Crispin Blunt has launched a consultation which proposes that squatting in all properties should be criminalized. Surely this is in our best interests?

“ALTER says not, and has explained why in its answer to the consultation. This change is contrary to the interests of UK taxpayers. It would provide a valuable state funded benefit to wealthy tax avoiders. This influential lobby has the ear of Conservative Justice Minister Crispin Blunt.”

Read their full response here:

Photo credit: Alex Folkes/Fishnik Photography