Tell us your story: the Squash Campaign is collecting case studies

Protesters holding banners saying homes not jails and housing is a human right

Homes not jails.

The Squash Campaign is collecting case studies of people impacted by the new law criminalising squatting. Many communities will be shattered by this new law. Some children will be impacted. People will be made homeless as they are forced to leave properties that will be left to rot. We are especially interested in stories of people who have been in their homes for years, in buildings that have been left empty. Are you or do you know any squatters who would be willing to share their stories with us?

The clause in the LASPO bill will make the offence of squatting in a residential building retrospective, meaning that all people currently squatting in a building that the law loosely defines as ‘residential’ will stand to be criminalised. The right-wing media has peddled half-truths about squatters, but we know that squatters do not fit the easy stereotypes of the tabloid press. We are collecting stories that tell the real story.

We do not have capacity to reply to all emails or to talk to everyone about their stories – but we hope that some of you will take a few minutes to write and send us some of your experiences. Please include details like: your age, employment (if any) and nationality. Where do you live (general area)? Do you have kids? Why did you start squatting? Who owns the property? How long have you been there? Have you had any trouble? What will you do once you are criminalised? Would you agree to allow us to publish your story as a case study on our website? Would you rather remain anonymous? Thanks in advance for your help. Please write to us at: