Punish landlords who leave property empty

We just got send this image through along with the accompanying text from a guy who is on a mission to make this a big campaign….

Do you think you pay too much rent?
Do you work hard but cannot get onto the property ladder?
Do you see decent buildings in your area demolished only for ugly soulless “New Builds” to be built and sold off at unaffordable prices?
Are you sick of the corperate bribery fuelling the construction and destroying our communities?

Rent and house prices all over the country are increasing constantly and uncontrollably. Many people rely heavily on state benefits to pay their rents even while working full time jobs. Councils are stretched to breaking point in order to house people, drawing resources away from public services. Squatting, one of the few ways people can take their accommodation problems into their own hands, has now been largely outlawed and could soon be fully outlawed.

Yet at the same time the construction industry is booming. Huge new residential projects exist all over the country, in many places replacing perfectly sound buildings which could have been lived in. We are told we are in a housing crisis, that the demand for housing is higher than the capacity to satisfy it.
This is not true.
There are in fact more properties in our cities than there are people to live in them.
We must convince the general public and the media that existing empty buildings, of all classifications, can and need to be occupied.

No longer should landlords, estate agents, banks and the government profit from the people who need to live in their properties and on their land. A radical reversal of power is needed. People who own property that is not lived in should be punished. If we can show the country that property owners are the criminals, not ordinary tenants, we can begin to turn the tide and solve our so called “housing crisis” and in the process bring down rents and save our historic towns’ architecture.

Paste up this image on any un-used, empty or abandoned buildings in your area.
Let the local community know that the homes exist already.
Encourage your friends to do the same.
Please copy, print, photocopy in physical form and online in anywhere you can.
Lets shame the landlords creating the housing crisis.