Call-out for Volunteers – SQUASH

With the increased activity around squatting over the past few months, Squatters Action for Secure Homes (SQUASH) is calling for volunteers to help with a campaign push running up to the General Elections in May and beyond. There are a number of areas to help with, and all help will be greatly appreciated.


SQUASH is demanding:

1] No further criminalisation of squatting extending to commercial buildings

2] A repeal of s144 LASPO, the law which makes squatting in empty residential premises a criminal offence

3] An end to illegal evictions, unlawful police activity, and harassment of squatters


The four most pressing tasks over the next few months are:

1] Writing, compiling and publishing 30-month review of s144 LASPO [by March 2015]

2] Creating SQUASH promotion material for distribution [by March 2015]

3] Contacting housing/ homeless NGO’s and sympathetic MP’s [by May 2015]

4] Identifying funding for continuing the campaign/ research [by May 2015]


SQUASH needs your help with any of the following areas:

1] Research: We hope to publish a 30-month Review of s144 LASPO in March 2015. This will be a follow-on from our last report “The Case Against s144”, which can be found here. Tasks for research include: making and processing Freedom of Information requests, compiling case studies, researching and writing up sections of the report based on the key messages, pulling together the final report; finding and applying for funding to continue the campaign.

2] Media: We are looking to have major media push over the next few months. Tasks for media include: recruiting guest bloggers to write for SQUASH website, writing and sending articles to relevant publications/ blogs, counteracting negative media, sending press releases to media outlets, doing interviews with journalists, outreach on social media, distributing SQUASH leaflets to squats and at events.

3] Political Lobbying: We will be contacting political parties and housing/ homeless NGOs to get them to sign up our pledge for no further criminalisation. Tasks for lobbying include: sending emails to and phoning politicians/ NGOs, meeting politicians/ NGOs to discuss pledge, circulating SQUASH report and briefing papers to MPs, Lords, etc, be on the lookout for, and challenging, legislation attempting to extend criminalisation.

3] Supporting Squatting Actions and Groups: There are a growing number of squatting actions in response to increasing illegal evictions, arbitrary use of s144 LASPO, pressure on squatters. Tasks for support actions include: highlighting actions on social media, MSM, etc, provide on-the-ground support, do/ help with media during actions, helping out with tasks from other squatting groups.

[Training workshops and workdays will be organised once we have enough volunteers signed up]


Why Volunteer with SQUASH?

1] Learn New Skills

2] Meet New People

3] Get Involved in the Housing Movement

4] Support Squatting in Your Own Time


To Put Yourself Forward

Send an email to info[at]squashcampaign[dot]org with the following :

  • Name
  • What parts of the campaign you want to help with
  • What training you would like

SQUASH will then:

  • Put you on the squash mailing list (not much traffic) so you can be informed of general issues arising
  • Set up sub-section mailing lists for those working in the various areas to collaborate as needed
  • Let you know when training events/ tasks/ opportunities arise in the area you want to help