Happy Birthday Grow Heathrow – 28th Feb 2015

Grow Heathrow will be celebrating their 5th year as a squat and community project; the party starts Friday 27th February and ends Sunday 1st March, with the main celebration on Saturday. The weekend seems jam packed with pizza, workshops, music, theatre, panel discussions and much more; come for the day, or bring a tent & sleeping bag and crash there.

For those who haven’t heard of Grow Heathrow, it is a squat/ land occupation established near the village of Sipson during the heady days of climate activism (Climate Camp, Plane Stupid, etc); established to block the destruction of the local area and community to build the third runway for Heathrow, it has since grown into a thriving community project and example of sustainable-living in-action. Although the owner, Mr Imran Malik, and the police have made several attempts to evict the squatters, Grow Heathrow have tenaciously held on. Just last week, their possession hearing was postponed till May, giving them another stay of execution, which they have maintained for the last 5 years…..amazing work!

To celebrate their 5th birthday the flyer looks like this:

grow heathrow

The full line-up has now been posted at:

How to get there: Getting to Grow Heathrow can be a little tricky, but well worth the trip.

Who would have thought it? It’s been 5 years of growing tomatoes, learning how to use renewable energy, protecting from planes, pollution and capitalism and finding out about what community really means.. so it’s time to party…

Website: http://transitionheathrow.com/
Email: info[at]transitionheathrow.com
Mobile: 07706602284
Address: Grow Heathrow, Vineries Close, Sipson, West Drayton UB7 0JH