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SQUASH Update: February 2014

Updates for February 2014:
1] Police Evict Protest Squat Camden
2] Lambeth Renters Refuse to Meet Chuka Umunna
3] Questions Raised on Parliament on Squatting
4] Homes Not Jails Demo Report
5] Calais Squats Attacked by Fascists
6] North Devon Pub Occupied

SQUASH NewsRound: September – October 2013

SQUASH NewsRound September – October 2013: stories in this issue include: 1) Updates from SQUASH, Made Possible and UN Special Rapporteur doing study on UK housing; 2) Illegal break-in at Mare Street, Kabele Social Centre turns 18 and JB Spray squat is lost; 3) Operation Elven and Traveller Repression; 4) Migrant Solidarity in Calais, ZAD Anniversary, and more repression of shack dwellers in South Africa