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SQUASH NewsRound 2016-2017

SQUASH NewsRound 2016-17 contains information on:

  • Update on LASPO 2012
  • Actions: Camesquat, Open House (Oxford), ANAL
  • SQUASH called ‘militant group’ by right-wing MSM
  • 14th edn of Squatters Handbook released
  • DIY Press – SLAP, Nervemeter, Trespass, SqEK, etc
  • Audio Interviews – Interference Archive, Dissident Island

Camesquat 2016 – ‘First Three Days’

“In light of the [September 2016] Occupation of Camelot’s former London HQ, Some of us who turned up to support the occupiers during the two day siege of the building thought a brief synopsis of events may be of interest.”

Criminalising squatting, empty homes and property guardianship

Despite a lack of direct legislative support, property guardianship has grown sharply in the last 5 years, so that now there are at least nineteen different property guardian companies offering their services to private landlords and local authorities, with the major active players the Dutch companies Camelot and Ad Hoc. Guardian companies can set restrictive limitations on licensees, such as that they are not allowed to have children, be unemployed, become ‘intentionally’ unemployed, or in receipt of state benefit, and screen applicants for those who are “deserving” rather than in need. Property guardianship crosses boundaries between housing, employment and prison; it is a scam of epic proportion.

SQUASH NewsRound: December 2012

The newsround is a fortnightly update, keeping tabs on articles being posted in mainstream media sources, as well as independent channels about squatting, the new law and possible new legislation. For the Period: 21st November – 15th December 2012. Contains the following stories: Madeley Meets the Squatters (ITV), Guardian article on Grow Heathrow and global squatting, Gremlins take on Keylet Properties, Property Guardians Camelot et al and their dodgy license agreements, demonstration outside Foxtons letting agents and against UCL sell off of the Carpenter Estate.