Essential final details for SQUASH action

Here are the essential final details for the Squash action taking place during Parliamentary debates and votes on the criminalisation of squatting – this is our moment!

Today and tomorrow Parliament discusses and votes on amendments to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill

Clause 26 of the Bill seeks to make squatting in residential buildings illegal.

Groups opposing this have tabled amendments to lessen the impact and are detailed here.

Squash have called for action to be taken . .

o Lobby your MP, call and ask them to oppose the Bill or support these alternative amendments that reduce the detrimental impact on the squatter-homeless in a housing crisis – details here and below.

o Arrange to meet your MP on Tuesday in Committee Room 20, House of Commons from 3pm – 5pm where Squash will provide briefing support.

o Take to the streets today and tomorrow to ensure this issue isn’t ignored and a law passed without due debate and consideration. Full details below.

o Follow us on twitter @squash_campaign and use #StopClause26

Full details of planned actions

Monday 31st October

“We are the 96%” – Squash have tried engaging with the democratic processes but despite overwhelming support to not criminalise squatting we have been ignored.
Our only rational response now is to call for a mass sleep out;

6.30pm – pedestrian contingent meet at High Street Kensington tube station

7pm – on bike contingent meet – in Halloween costume if you wish – on the South Bank, beneath Waterloo Bridge.

Bring a sleeping bag and mat, warm clothes and a flask of hot tea, of course!
There will be a (pumpkin) soup kitchen and street entertainment.
Oh, and bring friends!
If you’re joining us late call Squash on 07895 107 544

Tuesday 1st November –

“Out of the squats and into the streets” – Criminalising the homeless is no solution to a housing crisis, it will only marginalise homeless people further.
Squash have called for concerned individuals to gather outside Homeless Registration Units to demonstrate the severe impacts Clause 26 would have in a context of harsh cuts and a housing crisis.
Join us;

9am – Gather outside Westminster Housing Options Service, 101 Orchardson Street NW8
Workshop on how to register homeless by The Simon Community

12noon – Gather outside Parliament – Rally to show opposition
workshop on how to lobby your MP by Squash Campaign
workshop on the law concerning squatting as it stands and of the impacts New Caluse 26 would involve by Housing Lawyer

3pm – Squash has booked a room in Parliament for you to meet your MP in, where they can be briefed fully on why to oppose the criminalisation of squatting. To arrange this, call your MP asap requesting a face to face meet up in Committee Room 20 in the House of Commons from 3pm – 5pm. Find your MP’s number here.

5pm – Critical mass bicycles ride in support of squatting around central London with soundsystem – meet under Waterloo Bridge, Southbank

Wow! That’s a lot of action – surely they can’t ignore all that too!
We’ll need your presence at any point during these actions to ensure a stop to New Clause 26 squat ban

Thanks from all the Squash crew 07415 516 105 07895 107 544