The campaign in support of squatting encompasses many organisations and opinions. Our blog aims to take a wide view on the issue and bring in opinions from across the board, though it does not necessarily represent the views of the Squash campaign.

We welcome contributions, so please get in touch if you’d like to post here. Join the debate on Twitter too.


SQUASH NewsRound 2016-2017

SQUASH NewsRound 2016-17 contains information on:

  • Update on LASPO 2012
  • Actions: Camesquat, Open House (Oxford), ANAL
  • SQUASH called ‘militant group’ by right-wing MSM
  • 14th edn of Squatters Handbook released
  • DIY Press – SLAP, Nervemeter, Trespass, SqEK, etc
  • Audio Interviews – Interference Archive, Dissident Island

Camesquat 2016 – ‘First Three Days’

“In light of the [September 2016] Occupation of Camelot’s former London HQ, Some of us who turned up to support the occupiers during the two day siege of the building thought a brief synopsis of events may be of interest.”


Lessons on Working Together from Tobocman’s “War in the Neighborhood”

Ad Astra Comix have written an exclusive blog for SQUASH, as they gear up to re-release Seth Tobocman’s classic ‘War in the Neighborhood’, a graphic novel about anti-gentrification resistance in New York’s Lower East Side, in the late 80s/early 90s. The article highlights one the comic’s key themes, the challenge of living together under the intense pressure of radical occupation, relevant today as ever.


Squatting Stats 2015 version 2 released

Original report, “Squatting Statistics 2015” has been updated as Version 2.0 with additional information on:
1] Prosecutions & Convictions for section 144 & “Begging”: Analysis of Ministry of Justice Criminal Justice statistics, released 19 May 2016
2] Crime Related Incidents (CRI): Greater Manchester Police submitted information about “squatting” CRIs in 2015, providing useful background on Alternative Offences, and evidence of vulnerable adults & children squatting.


Squatting & Criminalisation in the Netherlands

On the 11th June 2016, ETC Dee gave a presentation at the DeCentre space in Whitechapel, entitled “Squatting in the Netherlands”. The talk looked at well-known squats & social centres, the 2010 law criminalising squatting and its impact, and finally a history of squatting in the Netherlands. Both the Netherlands and England&Wales have a long squatting history, and both recently had squatting criminalised by their respective right-wing governments. However, there are key differences too: all squatting was criminalised in Holland, and only residential in England&Wales; Holland criminalised squatting two years before England&Wales, and the Dutch government appears more inclined to imprison squatters.


“Options for dealing with squatting” by Persons Unknown

Dog Section Press has put together a sample of responses from the 2011 Ministry of Justice consultation on squatting into a nifty little booklet entitled “Options for dealing with squatting” by Persons Unknown. The booklet has a good selection of quotes (both pro- and anti-squat), a well-written introduction, and is the only diverse sample of the 2,000+ responses to the consultation.


Film: Living History at Crossroads Women’s Centre

What the “Living History at Crossroads Women’s Centre” (2015) documentary makes clear the importance of squatting, the act of taking wasted space to meet social needs. Without this simple act, Crossroads Women’s Centre would never have been able to help the many thousands of women they have assisted over the years.


#SupportYourLocalSquats – Charles Edward Brooke secondary school

Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth (HASL) have initiated a campaign to #SupportYourLocalSquats, specifically those currently occupying the former Charles Edward Brooke secondary school in Lambeth, south London. The building has been empty for over two years, and the owners (St Gabriel’s College) are applying for an Interim Possession Order (IPO, or fast-track eviction) this Tuesday 12 January 2015.


SQUASH NewsRound – September to December 2015

Stories in SQUASH NewsRound: September – December 2015:

New Squat Resources
Giggs-Neville Hotel in Manchester
Kid’s Company Peckham
Camden Mothership, West Hamsptead
Scumoween Rave, Lambeth Bridge
Squatting-related Articles
Squatting Discussions in Parliament


Squatting Spring – 2015

Stories in SQUASH NewsRound: Squatting Spring 2015

– Fight for the Aylesbury
– Sweets Way & Guinness Trust Occupation
– Liverpool Love Activists
– Reclaim Brixton
– Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians (aka ANAL)
– Elephant & Castle Social Centre
– Brighton Radical Bank
– Peterborough Squatters Autonomy
– Queer Punx @ The Black Cap
– Land Squats – Runnymede Eco-Village & Grow Heathrow
– Global – Ireland & Brazil
– “Homes, Not Jails” & Further Case Studies


Runnymede Eco-Village in Epic Court Battle – Sept 2015

Runnymede is in court, making a constitutional case for why they should remain in occupation. Like all possession cases, the law is rigged in favour of the land-title holders in the interests of that sacred cow, private property. However, the legal team for Runnymede are putting together a bold case, that references a whole gamut of law (common, European, Human and Constitutional), that hits at the heart of land-relations in this time of modern enclosure.


SQUASH NewsRound: July – August 15 (Mini-Update)

Stories in SQUASH NewsRound: July – August 2015:

• 1] Assualt by Police on Person Entering Squat
• 2] Love Activist Free Family Summer Holidays
• 3] Squatting in Parliament
• 4] Mass Eviction of Fadama, Ghana


Resist the Eviction of Yorkley Court Farm – from 1pm, 12 March onwards

Yorkley Court is a land-based occupation on the edge of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire that has been running as a community farm for almost three years now. It is one of a network of land squats across the country, such as Grow Heathrow (London), Runnymede (Windsor) and Rising Up (Bristol) which are protecting land from unnecessary development and at the same time, engaging in sustainable farming and off-grid living. Yorkley Court, after two years of active campaigning, legal challenges and land defence, is now facing imminent eviction from 1pm, Thursday 12 March 2015 onwards; they will not be leaving quietly, but they also need serious support if they are going to stay put.


Happy Birthday Grow Heathrow – 28th Feb 2015

Grow Heathrow will be celebrating their 5th year as a squat and community project; the party starts Friday 27th February and ends Sunday 1st March, with the main celebration on Saturday. The weekend seems jam packed with pizza, workshops, music, theatre, panel discussions and much more; come for the day, or bring a tent & sleeping bag and crash there.


SQUASH NewsRound: January – February 2015

Stories in SQUASH NewsRound: January 2015 – February 2015:

1] March for Homes & the Aylesbury Estate Occupation
2] 12 Bar Occupation
3] Love Activists Evicted (again)
4] Crossroads Women’s Centre 40th anniversary Celebration & Film
5] Parliamentary Update
6] Legal Cases
7] Positive Media
8] Negative Media
9] Upcoming Events


Call-out for Volunteers – SQUASH

With the increased activity around squatting over the past few months, Squatters Action for Secure Homes (SQUASH) is calling for volunteers to help with a campaign push running up to the General Elections in May and beyond. There are a number of areas to help with, and all help will be greatly appreciated. Read more….


Urgent – Help Save the 12 Bar, Soho

The squatted 12 Bar in Soho is now the frontline against the complete redevelopment of the West End and Soho. Having executed a brilliant open-mic last Friday (with acts like the Bohemianauts, and Smiley and the Underlass), they are now up in court on Wednesday, facing an Interim Possession Order (IPO) on the building. At an open community meeting on Monday night, ex-employees of the 12 Bar, local workers, students, activists, bohemians and supporters came together to discuss how we could save this culturally significant venue from being demolished. Resist, Occupy, Win!


Squatters Bloc at March for Homes – Sat 31st January

Defend Council Housing and South London People’s Assembly called the “March for Homes” last year, setting a date for Saturday, 31st January 2015. While there was a slow take-up at first, more groups are now getting involved. The Radical Housing Network endorsed the march a few weeks ago, and squatters are organising a squat bloc for the big day. Spread it, network it, get down there.


SQUASH Newsround: December 2014 – January 2015

Stories in SQUASH NewsRound: December 2014 – January 2015

Solidarity for Chanti Ollin, Mexico
Parliamentary Whispers
Love Activists Cause Christmas Storm
Occupy Democracy & Operation Safe Winter
Upcoming Events – January 2015
Positive Media – Videos
Positive Media – Articles
Negative Media – Articles


A Christmas Tale: the Gauntlett Inquiry

The following is a report on the Kent Coroner’s Inquest into the Death of Daniel Gauntlett, who froze to death outside an empty cottage in 2013; it comprises an analysis of the inquest findings, based on notes taken during the inquest and supplemented by additional research. The Coroner’s verdict of “self-neglect” is wrong; it may be better to attribute it to “purposeful neglect by the state”. Daniel’s story is an insight into the conditions faced by the growing street homeless population in Britain today.


Kent Coroner’s Inquest into the Death of Daniel Gauntlett

The Kent Coroner’s Office will be holding an inquest into the death of Mr Gauntlett, and key questions they will need to answer are: “Was s144 LASPO to blame for Daniel Gauntlett’s death?”, and if so, “Did the state contravene his Article 2 right, namely his Right to Life?”. As s144 LASPO falls apart at the seams (providing proof of “living” or “intending to live”), this human rights angle could see the nail in the coffin for Weatherley’s Law.
Venue: The Coroner’s Office, Archbishops Palace, Mill Street, Maidstone, ME15 6YE
Date: Wednesday, 10th December 2014
Time: 1:30pm


SQUASH NewsRound: June – November 2014

Stories in SQUASH NewsRound: June – November 2014

  • ALERT: Illegal Evictions on the rise
  • The Loss of Social Centres and Public Space Sparks Protests (MIPIM, Europe)
  • Focus E15 Mothers Occupation
  • Mike Weatherley MP Steps Down
  • Comment Pieces on Squatting
  • Evening Standard Anti-Squatting Stories
  • Squatting on Television
  • Squat History: Piccadilly & Berlin

House of Brag: Squatted Queer Social Centre Opens…

House of Brag have established a new squatted Queer Social Centre in Brixton, and will be running a heap of events between June 29th to July 12th 2014, as an alternative to the corporate, homogenised, establishment official (Gay) Pride London.

For more information on events, check their blog:


ALERT & Update: Attempt to criminalise squatting in commercial

Some backbenchers in Parliament have tried but seemingly failed to amend the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill to include the criminalisation of squatting in commercial premises and on land. The attempt took place on the 12th May, and as far as SQUASH can see, the hearing was adjourned before the question of amendment 34 could be pushed to a vote or withdrawn. SQUASH and other squatting groups are taking this seriously. We will be looking into this underhand attempt to further criminalise squatting, and report back as soon as we know more. Please be ready to act once we have ascertained whether this is a real threat or opportunistic politiking.


SQUASH NewsRound: March – May 2014

Stories in SQUASH NewsRound: March – May 2014

  • 1] Judge Rules in Favour of Adverse Possession Case
  • 2] Evening Standard Interview with Chris Grayling
  • 3] People’s Parliament: Housing and Homeslessness Crisis
  • 4] J. Blake’s article: “Housing crisis requires bold action”

Feeding Back from the Housing Weekender 2014

The Housing Weekender happened over the weekend of 26-27th April 2014, the first day happening at venues across London, and the second taking place at Moreland Street, EC1. The weekend was made up of a mix of events that included a bus tour, puppet show and cardboard-making workshop for kids, film showings, talks, panel discussions and actions.


Housing Weekender 2014 – FULL PROGRAMME

The Housing Weekender on the 26th and 27th April 2014 is a collaboration among groups from across London, who work on a whole range of housing issues including private renting, access to welfare, squatting, co-operatives and social housing. As the housing crisis grows steadily deeper, and those is power fail to take the necessary action to secure the future of the city, this weekender aims to bring people together to build a movement of practical solidarity, to resist social cleansing and reclaim the city for the people who live here.


SQUASH Update: February 2014

Updates for February 2014:
1] Police Evict Protest Squat Camden
2] Lambeth Renters Refuse to Meet Chuka Umunna
3] Questions Raised on Parliament on Squatting
4] Homes Not Jails Demo Report
5] Calais Squats Attacked by Fascists
6] North Devon Pub Occupied


Stop MIPIM 2014 – Update

MIPIM 2014 will be taking place between 11th and 14th of March in Cannes in the south of France, and is one of global capitalism’s major annual events for all aspects of the property industry, including the buying and selling of land, the planning, construction, financing, facilitation and management of housing and commercial property around the world. There will be some 20,000 participants, from some of the world’s biggest property developers, estate agents, builders and local government, each paying an entry fee of €1,600 per person, coming together to conduct some of the biggest property deals of the decade.


SQUASH NewsRound: December 2013 – January 2014

The SQUASH NewsRound (dec 2013 – Jan 2014) contains the following articles: 1) Update from the Networks – ASS, SLN, Eviction Resistance, SQUASH, lovesquatting; 2) Iceland skippers arrested; 3) Lib Peck challenged; 4) Brazilian World Cup mass-evictions; 5) MIPIM 2014; 6) Calais Call-out


Haldane Society Lecture on Squatting – 15 January

The Haldane Society for Socialist Lawyers will be holding a talk on Squatting as part of its Human Rights 2014 lecture series

The government’s attack on squatters

David Watkinson – housing barrister
Advisory Service for Squatters

All lectures start at 6.30pm
At the University of Law, 14 Store Street, London WC1A 7DE
Admission free


Mike Freer MP Constituency Office Occupation

On 22nd November 2013, squat campaigners occupied the forecourt of the Tory Constituency Office in Finchley, London, the office of right-wing politician Mike Freer MP, one of the architects behind Section 144 LASPO. Contains statements from both the occupiers and Mike Freer MP, links to Our Media and Mainstream Media sources.


SQUASH EXCLUSIVE: “Squatting the frontline” by John McDonnell MP

Article by John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, on squatting and Britain’s housing crisis, reproduced from an article in the latest STRIKE! Magazine (Autumn 2013). McDonnell, a staunch supporter of squatting, rips apart the current housing system, the criminalisation of squatting through s144 LASPO and even his fellow Labour MPs who called for the extension of the law to commercial premises. Read more here….


195 Free School: 18th – 24th November

The 195 free school is a week-long series (18th – 24th November 2013) of grassroots events such as presentations, discussions and skill-shares and much more. The event is free and open to all. There events range from queer politics to welding, with a special Housing Day on Thursday 21st November from 12 noon (see the programme below). SQUASH thoroughly recommend this event for anyone interested in squats and squatting, with the chance to hear from voluntary groups working on the frontline of squatting, housing and homelessness, and get the latest updates on legal rights.


SQUASH NewsRound: All Hallows Eve-Guy Fawkes 2013 Special Edition

SQUASH NewsRound: All Hallows Eve-Guy Fawkes 2013 Special Edition: stories in this edition include: 1) Two Years Ago and the Squatting Picnic, 2) Interview from the Park Street Occupation, 3) Ashmount School Occupation, 4) Dissident Island Radio Show, 5) Squatters Win s144 Appeals (Brighton, Wales), 6) “Weatherley is a Coward” Case Continues, 7) Non-Commercial House Remembered, and STRIKE! Now Out


An interview with two ex-squatters

This week the SQUASH Campaign caught up with two ex squatters, Tony Gosling from Bristol, and Eva from London. Here is what was produced. (SQUASH): So… first things first… what made you decide to squat? (Tony): I had to… my landlord turned weird on me & I had to get out fast… I also had no deposit (Eva): I left home when I was 16 and was housed for 4 months in emergency accommodation in a bedsit with a broken lock. Then I was housed in a house for vulnerable women. However the other women living there had mental health […]


Park Street Occupation, Southwark

Housing activists have occupied a property 21 & 23 Park Street, just off Borough market which was owned by Southwark council. The building which has been derelict for ages, basically falling apart with just scaffolding to keep it up, was auctioned with a starting price of £2.3 million and sold for £2.9 million, making it the most expensive council house sold. The occupation is also a challenge to section 114 of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO) introduced last September which criminalised squatting in residential properties. Blog includes links to Our Media and Mainstream Media (MSM) articles on the occupation.


SQUASH NewsRound: September – October 2013

SQUASH NewsRound September – October 2013: stories in this issue include: 1) Updates from SQUASH, Made Possible and UN Special Rapporteur doing study on UK housing; 2) Illegal break-in at Mare Street, Kabele Social Centre turns 18 and JB Spray squat is lost; 3) Operation Elven and Traveller Repression; 4) Migrant Solidarity in Calais, ZAD Anniversary, and more repression of shack dwellers in South Africa


Punish landlords who leave property empty

We just got send this image through along with the accompanying text from a guy who is on a mission to make this a big campaign…. Do you think you pay too much rent? Do you work hard but cannot get onto the property ladder? Do you see decent buildings in your area demolished only for ugly soulless “New Builds” to be built and sold off at unaffordable prices? Are you sick of the corperate bribery fuelling the construction and destroying our communities? Rent and house prices all over the country are increasing constantly and uncontrollably. Many people rely heavily […]


Any squatters out there up for doing media?

Dear Squatters across the country, We have been fairly quiet recently but we want to assure you that we are doing all we can behind the scenes to ensure squatting in commercial properties remains an option for those who need to squat. We wanted to take this opportunity to rebuild our database of squatters who can do media. If your interested in doing media please send us over your contact details to When you get in touch someone from SQUASH will give you a call to discuss everything with you and we promise to hold your contact details anonymously. […]


Open Letter: The Debate

On the 2nd September 2013, Labour politicians, Chuka Umunna, Tessa Jowell and Lib Peck wrote a letter to Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling, asking that squatting in commercial premises be criminalised. SQUASH responded with an Open Letter, which was picked up by media commentators, prompting further investigation and responses from two of the politicians.


SQUASH Newsround August – September 2013

SQUASH Newsround August – September 2013 contains the following stories: Letter from Chuka Umunna, Dame Tessa Jowell and Lib Peck re: squatting; Chuka’s response; Owen Jones’ Independent article defending squatting; Vice “expose” Weatherley for being two-faced (shock!); Made Possible By Squatting Exhibition in London comes to a close; Legal Aid Protest; “Using research to expose dodgy dealing” Training


Made Possible By Squatting Exhibition Now Open (9th – 16th September 2013)

Made Possible by Squatting Exhibition Extravaganza
9th-16th September 2013
Dock Street, London, E1 8JN
Exhibition// Archive// Workshops


SQUASH NewsRound: July – August 2013

SQUASH NewsRound July – August 2013: In this edition, the following stories: Cardiff Squatters take on the Prison System, Toilets Squatted in Bath, Mare Street is Back, Update from Made Possible By Squatting, The Mass Sleep Out, Raids on Greek and German Squats, The Australian Museum of Squatting, Old Fadama “slum” to be Bulldozed.


SQUASH NewsRound: June – July 2013

SQUASH NewsRound June – July 2013: In this month’s edition, the following stories: 1) Rushcroft Road Evicted, 2) Eviction Alert for Grow Heathrow, 3) Brixton Anti-Gentrification Demo, 4) SQUASH at the “People’s” Assembly, 5) Stories in the MSM: Barnet Park Squat, Grayling on Commercial, Roma Eviction from Marble Arch, Property Guardians get some bad press, 6) Squat Resources: Mini-doc with Pete the Temp, Squatting Research, new homeless mag Nervemeter, Housing Crisis radio and European anti-eviction resources


Made Possible By Squatting call-out

Made Possible by Squatting seeks submissions for an exhibition in September 2013 and an on-line archive that celebrate how squatting has positively affected the lives of individuals & communities in England and Wales.


SQUASH NewsRound: April – June 2013

Stories in this Issue: Will there be Further Criminanlistion?; Open House 2013; Let Down Housing Demo and the Right to Protest; Violent Attacks on the Homeless; London Fire Brigade Used for BackDoor Evictions; International Solidarity: Holland


Anti-squatting laws and the coming crackdown on occupations

**A [letter in today’s Guardian]( voices the concerns of unionists, students and MPs about possible new squatting laws. Here’s the full story.** It’s been less than a year since it became a criminal offence to take shelter in abandoned residential buildings, but it appears that the government is concerned that they haven’t yet caused enough misery and distress to homeless people. It’s looking increasingly likely that new proposals to extend the criminalisation of squatting to non-residential properties may be brought forward by the end of the year. As well as the disastrous impacts that this will have on those who […]


SQUASH NewsRound: February to March 2013

SQUASH Update; Mike Weatherley Ltd – Open for Business; Squatting the British Press; Squatting Academia; The Global Housing Crisis Continues


Anti-Squatting Law Challenged in Brighton Court

A major test of Section 144 occurred today in a Brighton Magistrate’s Court – with the criminalisation of squatting dealt a serious blow. Three people faced the charges of squatting in a residential property under Section 144 of LASPO, and obstruction of a police officer. They were arrested on 3rd September 2012, just two days after Section 144’s passage into law, in a high-profile eviction by police. All three were found to have no case to answer for obstruction of a police officer, whilst two were found to have no case to answer for the squatting charge. The case continues […]


The Evening Standard is Lying to London

Last Wednesday, activists from the Squash campaign inserted 8000 leaflets into the Evening Standard, in an attempt to redress the deliberate misinformation being pumped out by this media mischief-maker.

Now we’re urging you to do the same.


40 top lawyers sign Guardian anti-squatting law repeal letter

The letter reads: It is just over six months since the offence of squatting in a residential building came into force. At the time the offence was proposed, government sources claimed it was necessary as the law “does not support police acting when there are squatters in someone’s home” and that “there are no powers to throw them out”. The signatories to this letter include many of the 160 lawyers who wrote to the Guardian (26 September 2011) pointing out that, as a matter of law, those statements were wrong, as such powers did exist and had done so since […]


The Evening Standard Hates Romanians

Here we go again. Yet another foul, bordering-on-racist article in the Evening Standard, who quite clearly hate all squatters and it seems all Eastern Europeans – especially Romanians. Friday’s article on new figures released via an FOI request submitted to the Metropolitan Police (our first request was turned down when we were writing our report) claims that 45% of all squatters arrested in London, since the introduction of new legislation which criminalised squatting in residential properties last September, are from Romania. It is unsurprising that migrants who will not have English as a first language are being adversely affected by […]


Squatting law causes more problems than it prevents

Vyvian Raoul says squatting law causes more problems than it prevents, in a guest post for the New Interntaionalist blog. Our report – The Case Against Section 144 – shows that not a single, solitary squatter arrested under the new law was found to be displacing a homeowner…


Court case won by former Friern Barnet Library activists

The Friern Barnet Library Activists have moved on to a new project in Enfield Borough in an attempt to fight austerity, homelessness and unjust squatting laws. The community activists who were previously caretakers of the Friern Barnet Library, are now residing at the Arnos Family Resource Centre (ARC). They won their court case against Enfield Council on the 11th of March 2013 at the Barnet County Court. Many of the activists arrived at court to defend the case being brought forward by Enfield Council for possession of the property. They were accompanied by several members of the Friern Barnet community […]


Open Letter to Mike Weatherley MP and The Argus

Your attitude to private property is that of the land owners that belong in the “Medieval wasteland” you invoke, along with your Cabinet’s front bench…


Squatters Occupy Bloomsbury Hotel…

Squatters Occupy the Ivanhoe Hotel in Bloomsbury to Protest Against the lack of Affordable Housing!


SQUASH launch new report in Parliament

The event marked the launch of SQUASH’s 6-month report and impact analysis of section 144 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO). It provided an opportunity to discuss what the MP’s, Lords, lawyers and academics could do to help, and highlight Mike Weatherley’s Early Day Motion (EDM) looking to extend criminalisation to commercial premises. Speaking were SQUASH, Crisis, Tuckers Solicitors and the Simon Community.


New report has been launched HERE

Section 144 (S144) of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill (LASPO) came into force on September 1st 2012. SQUASH, concerned about the lack of an impact analysis of the law’s effect, has decided to investigate, analyse and evaluate the direct and indirect consequences of S144.


Criminalising squatting, empty homes and property guardianship

Despite a lack of direct legislative support, property guardianship has grown sharply in the last 5 years, so that now there are at least nineteen different property guardian companies offering their services to private landlords and local authorities, with the major active players the Dutch companies Camelot and Ad Hoc. Guardian companies can set restrictive limitations on licensees, such as that they are not allowed to have children, be unemployed, become ‘intentionally’ unemployed, or in receipt of state benefit, and screen applicants for those who are “deserving” rather than in need. Property guardianship crosses boundaries between housing, employment and prison; it is a scam of epic proportion.


Squattastic, Sunday 17th February

[Squattastic]( is an organising network for squatters. There are groups in London and Bristol. With many facing increasing difficulty finding a stable home, and the threat of further criminalisation on the horizon, we encourage anyone who is squatting to head down to the next London meeting, this Sunday, and find out how everyone can support each other better. From the Invite: There will be Practical and Legal Resistance Workshops, films and an exhibition with a People’s Kitchen afterwards. It’s the usual 2-6 with extra social afterwards if you want to stay, Central London location to be confirmed. If anyone wants […]


Grow Heathrow’s Third Birthday

**HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY GROW HEATHROW!** **What?** [Grow Heathrow](, the squatted market garden by Heathrow Airport, will turn 3 years old this March – it’s time to celebrate! Come along for a day of feasting, music, cake competitions, swap shops, arts and crafts, seed sewing, and celebrations. Bring your friends, family and an entry for the cake competition! **When?** Saturday 2nd March, from 1.27pm sharp. **Where?** Grow Heathrow, Vineries Close, Sipson, West Drayton, UB7 0JG Check out the photos from last year’s birthday [here](!


A Polite Revolution

In Friern Barnet, local people and Occupy activists came together to fight back against government cuts. The local library, which like thousands up and down the country faced closure in the name of austerity, was squatted for 5 months, restocked with books from donations, and reopened by the Occupiers and the community. The council has now agreed to hand back the keys to the community. Here’s an short film of this inspiring story, which goes to show that squatting can indeed be good for society. A Polite Revolution from Oonagh Cousins on Vimeo.


Violent Russian Squat Eviction- Activists Face Ten Years in Prison

Russian police evict historic railway station in St. Petersburg which is due to be demolished to make way for high rise flats.

19 squatters arrested and several hospitalised. Those on trial need support and help with legal fees. Find out more or donate at-


SQUASH NewsRound: Mid-January 2013

The NewsRound will be a fortnightly to monthly post, keeping tabs on articles being posted in MainStream Media (MSM) sources, as well as independent channels (eg IMC, SchNEWS) about squatting, the new law (s.144) and possible new legislation (eg commercial). For the Period: 1st January – 5th February 2013. Contains: Early Day Motion 192, Repeal s144 LASPO Petition, Friern Barnet Library Saved Thanks to Squatting, Curtailing Freedom of Information by Criminalising Squatting, Another Arrest, Attack of the Media Whores, Greece: The Attack on Greek Squats [Villa Amalias et al], Brazil: “This fight will not be done for you, it will be done by you.” , Ireland: “Squatter told he can stay in NAMA ghost estate home”, Lambeth Super Co-op, Property Guardianship company Ad Hoc in Cardiff, Haringey Housing Public Event and Freedom Bookshop Firebombed.


Squatters save Friern Barnet Library

At midday today, exactly five months since the occupation began, the community of Barnet took possession of the Friern Barnet Library. The local community – represented by the trustees of the library – are on the verge of agreeing a two-year lease with Barnet Council (LBB) to run the library with some funding from the council. At the ceremony, squatters and supporters of the Occupy movement, who have been keeping the building open and enabling the local community to run a book lending service and community centre in the building, will hand it over to the trustees of the newly […]


Spanish Locksmiths Unite Against Evictions

Locksmiths in Spain have banded together to defy the country’s banks, who in the wake of the mortgage scandal are now receiving a European bailout to the tune of 40 billion euros.

Although they claim to be losing up to 10% of their business, Pamplona’s locksmiths are fed up with seeing the most vulnerable in society paying for the errors of the banks and the wider financial system.


SQUASH NewsRound: January 2013

The NewsRound will be a fortnightly to monthly post, keeping tabs on articles being posted in MainStream Media sources, as well as independent channels about squatting, the new law and possible new legislation. For the Period: 23rd November 2012 – 15th January 2013. Contains: Raids on Squat in Vauxhall, Resistance at Camden Garden Centre, Arrests in Leicester and Brighton, Spanish Locksmiths go on strike, Tory attempts to criminalise commercial, Adrian Nettleton’s Occupy and Explore exhibition, Heygate Estate planning committee meeting, and demonstration at City Hall to demand fair rents.


“Put property to productive use”

A guest post from a visitor to a Camden garden centre squat. Having seen their positive effect on the property, she concludes:

“Let’s have pressure for those sitting on empty properties not to be protected by the law, but to act responsibly, to occupy and put them to productive use or lose the privilege of ownership.”


The Friern Barnet Library gets Six Weeks before Eviction

Friern Barnet library was opened up by squatters and the community in September this year. The People’s Library now faces eviction, which could be as soon as six weeks from now.


SQUASH NewsRound: December 2012

The newsround is a fortnightly update, keeping tabs on articles being posted in mainstream media sources, as well as independent channels about squatting, the new law and possible new legislation. For the Period: 21st November – 15th December 2012. Contains the following stories: Madeley Meets the Squatters (ITV), Guardian article on Grow Heathrow and global squatting, Gremlins take on Keylet Properties, Property Guardians Camelot et al and their dodgy license agreements, demonstration outside Foxtons letting agents and against UCL sell off of the Carpenter Estate.


Waste of Space at the 491

Many empty and wasted buildings have been turned into vibrant, open and useful spaces over the years – but the clamour for criminalisation of squatting in commercial properties has already begun.

Waste of Space may be one of the last opportunities for the public to experience arts at 491 – one last chance to visit this vibrant place


Richard Madeley Reaction # 2

In his failure to look beyond the uninformed words of the association mouth-piece, Madeley replicated the mistakes which led to this damning law coming about.
“The current law is sufficient to protect homeowners, but is not understood by the public, the police, nor, it seems, politicians” stated the Law Society in consultation.

We take a closer look at what Richard got wrong…


Richard Madeley Reaction #1

Pete the Temp takes us through the experience of sharing his space with Serious Journalist Richard Madeley.


SQUASH NewsRound: November 2012

The News Round comes out every fortnight, keeping tabs on articles being posted in Main Stream Media (MSM) sources and independent channels about squatting, the new law (s.144) and possible new legislative attacks.For the Period: 1st to 20th November 2012. Contains the following stories: Mike Weatherley’s welcome to Sussex University, Al-Jazeera article on homelessness and squatting in Britain, various pieces defending the right to squat, MSM articles on squatting in commercial premises (eg Cross Keys Pub in Chelsea) and Siege of the Elephant conference.


Crisis Launches No Going Home campaign.

The homelessness charity Crisis launched it’s ‘No Going Home’ campaign this week, targeting government plans to scrap housing benefits for the under 25s. There are currently 385,000 people under 25 claiming housing benefit across the UK. Many of these people work, or are looking for work, others are sick or disabled and more than half are parents bringing up children – all of them depend on housing benefit to keep a roof over their head.


The media has squatted my brain

Pete the Temp explains that squatters probably won’t turn your home into an Amy Winehouse, suicide fetish, voodoo-cesspit – via the medium of a very good poetry vid…


SQUASH NewsRound: Mid-October 2012

The News Round comes out every fortnight, keeping tabs on articles being posted in Main Stream Media (MSM) sources and independent channels about squatting, the new law (s.144) and possible new legislative attacks.For the Period: 12 October -10 November 2012. Contains stories on the following: discussion in the MSM about extending criminalisation to commercial property, the squatted, the emerging housing crisis in B&B accommodation, rising rents and falling benefits, and the poor state of accommodation in the private rented sector, and communal living as housing solution.


How the “Co-Operative Council” is destroying housing co-ops

Lambeth Council is at an advanced stage of flogging off the last of its “short life” properties to private property developers. Evictions of the people in them are starting next month and those emptied are being sold at auction.


An Organised Gang Drove Off With My House of Commons!!

In the rubble of this market failure is the well hidden reality of abundance. But if we treat houses like cars, instead of essential things that we all need and must find a way of managing fairly, we give people the incentive to steal them.


SQUASH NewsRound: October 2012

The News Round will be a fortnightly event, keeping tabs on articles being posted in MainStream Media (MSM) sources, as well as independent channels (eg IMC, SchNEWS) about squatting, the new law (s.144) and possible new legislation (eg commercial). Contains features on: squatting former bank in Clifton, Bristol, harassment at the House of Brag (LGBT squat), Gremlin Alley squat in Cardiff, blogs on new law (s.144), and the Tory attack on social housing.


When poverty and homelessness become a criminal matter

The new law criminalising squatting starts to bite (First squatter jailed under new law, 27 September), and what a chilling headline that is – accepting as inevitable that this is just the first. We see a young man, an apprentice bricklayer, imprisoned for three months, and his two housemates awaiting sentence. It seems likely that he will lose his apprenticeship and be discharged from prison – homeless and with a criminal record.


Lawyer calls on Labour to repeal s.144

Alistair Mitchell, a barrister from Foregate Chambers, recently found himself being courted by Andy Burnham from the Labour Party for their support. Outraged by the injustice of section 144, he has called upon the party to campaign for the repeal of this draconian legislation. Here is his letter: Dear Andy, I was appalled that the Labour Party failed to oppose the passing of s.144 LAPSO to criminalise homeless people who squat. Indeed, your Shadow Justice Secretary went out of his way to support the new law with a statement on your website. S.144 was passed with just 90 minutes of […]


SQUASH NewsRound: Issue 1, September 2012

Squash News Round will be a fortnightly event, keeping tabs on articles being posted in MainStream Media (MSM) sources, as well as independent channels (eg IMC, SchNEWS) about squatting, the new law (s.144) and possible new legislation (eg commercial). Issue No. 1: September 2012. Contains the following articles: MSM coverage of the new law (s.144 LASPO) coming into effect, Irene Gardiner and her case in Wales, arrest of Alex Haigh (first person prosecuted), reaction to first arrest, and housing blogs claiming the new law is not effective enough.


Update from Eviction Resistance Network

**This round-up is cross-posted from the [Eviction Resistance Network]( blog.** We’ve been keeping track of squat related activity since September 1st when squatting in residential building was made illegal. Here’s a quick round up: **GLASTONBURY** A few days ago we reported that 5 individuals were, to our knowledge, the first to be arrested under the new law. Coincidently, it has also been revealed that proposals to make more emergency accommodation for homeless young people in Somerset have twice been turned down by planners. We understand the Squatters Legal Network are keen to support those arrested. Here’s more information from the […]


Criminalising Squatting – Privatising Empty Space

On the 1st September the act of squatting in a residential building became a criminal offence under [Section 144]( of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO). This unprecedented piece of legislation was enacted to a flurry of government statements claiming ‘justice’ and ‘protection’ for “hard-working homeowners” against the “misery of squatting”. At once both mimicking and feeding vitriolic media campaigns, Justice Minister Crispin Blunt claimed that “by making this change, we can [slam shut the door on squatters]( once and for all”. By Monday the 3rd September we saw [police with battering rams in Brighton](


Legal challenge to new squatting law

This post is by Leigh Day & Co legal firm who are coordinating the legal challenge and was originally posted on their blog here A mother of four from Wales is taking legal action challenging the new anti-squatting legislation, coming into force today (1 September 2012), in a bid to stay in the house she has lived in for 11 years with her children. Irene Gardiner (49) has lived in her home, a cottage in Newchapel, near Llanidloes, as a squatter for 11 years. Her two younger children Hazel (15) and Sol (13) live with her and attend the local […]


Updated advice from the Advisory Service for Squatters

If you are currently squatting, or believe you may otherwise be affected by the new laws, we recommend that you read the following advice and resources from the Advisory Service for Squatters.


Criminalising squatting hurts the poor and benefits the rich

From Saturday, a massively unjust, unnecessary and unaffordable new law will come into force in England and Wales. In the middle of one of the worst housing crises this country has ever seen, up to 50,000 squatters who are currently squatting in empty properties across the UK face becoming criminals, and this because they are occupying abandoned residential properties to put a roof over their heads.

This post is cross-posted from the Guardian blog.


Tell us your story: the Squash Campaign is collecting case studies

The Squash Campaign is collecting case studies of people impacted by the new law criminalising squatting. Many communities will be shattered by this new law. Some children will be impacted. People will be made homeless as they are forced to leave properties that will be left to rot. We are especially interested in stories of people who have been in their homes for years, in buildings that have been left empty. Are you or do you know any squatters who would be willing to share their stories with us?


Squash Picnic Attendees facing SOCPA charges

**The following piece has been written by Ashleigh Marsh who is currently being prosecuted under SOCPA legislation for her role is taking part at a picnic and sleep-out on the Xxth October 2011, in order to visually show the effect that the criminalisation of squatting would have on between 20-50,000 people in England and Wales, ie having to sleep rough. Ashleigh is active in her community, for example working to get a new skateboard park built for local people in Woolwich, one of most deprived areas in London. SQUASH fully support Ashleigh and her two co-defendants as they face charges, […]


Council pays £440,000 so security firm can exploit tenants

In the UK the homeless have traditionally been allowed to legally occupy long-term empty property. These rights were critical at key moments in history (such as after the WW2 when Britain experienced a housing crisis and squatting was rife). Squatters’ rights came to an end on March 27th when the government criminalised squatting in residential properties. The new law will come into effect in a matter of months…


Bristol Squattastic statement: Whatever they say…

Fight the anti-squatting bill! Assemble 1pm outside Metropolis, Stokes Croft. Saturday 14th April


Squatting criminalised by ‘sham democracy’

This calls for an organised response. As has been recognised by SQUASH: “This has always been a right-wing attack to defend and enhance private property rights over the human right to shelter and we now have to defend ourselves”. That defence does not play itself out in the upholstered arena of sham-democratic institutions such as the House of Lords. It happens on the streets, and in empty properties up and down the country…


Squatting in residential properties to be criminalised in months

What a joke! All of it, the whole process. Last night the House of Lords passed a clause hidden in the legal aid bill to criminalise squatting in residential properties essentially making thousands of homeless people criminals overnight. A whole section of the very poorest and most vulnerable in society have been made criminals and again the debate took place extremely late in the day. The harsh reality is that the government keeps enough peers at Parliament late at night if they face any risk of defeat while the rest of the Lords (Labour, Crossbenchers, Bishops & others) rarely stay […]


Criminalising squatting is the real crime

It’s a curious move during the worst housing crisis in modern memory, to turn homeless people who shelter in empty homes into criminals looking at a year in prison or a £5000 fine.

This from the government whose leader promised that austerity would not hurt “the vulnerable, the poorest in our society”.


New video: Cost of Criminalising Squatting

This video from Squash shows the cost of criminalising squatting, both human and financial. As the video says, the Lords still have a chance to stop criminalisation on Tuesday, when Clause 145 (formerly 136) is debated again. Do get in touch with them and let them know clause 145 is no way to handle a housing crisis; please share this video widely.


You know something stinks when its only debated at midnight

SQUASH campaigners have just returned home from a three hour stint in the House of Lords public gallery. After an hour discussion on scrap metal the debate on squatting finally took place just before midnight. Considering the hour the honourable noble speeches couldn’t have gone any better. Baroness Miller who had tabled five amendments in opposition to Clause 136 – which seeks to criminalise squatting in residential properties – denounced the injustices of this ill thought-out clause, and explained why this clause needed radically rethinking. Baroness Lister and Lord Bach (both Labour) spoke forcefully on the devastating impacts that this […]


And those amendments in full…

These are the amendments we’re tabling in full, with explanations why we support them. They’re been tabled by a friendly peer and will be debated in the House of Lords next Tuesday 20 March. That will be a very important day: it could mean the criminalisation of squatting in residential buildings; it could mean a stay of execution for squatting. We’re doing everything we can to make sure it’s the latter, and we think these amendments will help…


The final push: what you need to know to save squatting

We’re now at the most critical stage of the campaign, our very last chance to stop the criminalisation of squatting. Next Tuesday 20 March, Clause 136 of the Legal-Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) bill will be debated and voted on in the House of Lords. If it’s passed it would sanction a £5000 fine or up to a year in prison for those squatting in residential buildings.

Find out what you need to know to help make sure that doesn’t happen…