Made Possible By Squatting call-out

Against the back-drop of the criminalisation of squatting Made Possible by Squatting is looking for work that depicts or embodies a particular chosen experience, movement, space or place in relation to squatting.

The story you choose to tell could be your own, or a history you want to investigate and share.

It could be current or historic – a huge chapter in the life of a community, or a tiny forgotten moment in time, extraordinary or quite ordinary.

The format is completely open – works can be sculptural, photographic, print based, archive materials, workshops, performance, digital, video, audio, temporary or permanent…

The project is able to allocate some small funds for materials and time to those involved, and it is for this reason that we need written proposals of no more than 350 words, with supporting images of previous work (if possible). See the call-out at

The submission deadline for proposals is 6pm Friday 12th July 2013.

For more details about the submission process and application, please email: info[at]

If you prefer not to submit a written proposal call us on 07761789947.