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Squatting Spring – 2015

February 2015 saw the beginning the Squatting Spring, kicked off by the Squatters Bloc at the March for Homes, taking over a block of flats at the decanted Aylesbury Estate in Elephant and Castle after the standard A-to-B march. The action inspired a spate of political occupations across the country, giving renewed vigor to squatting as a tactic and form of resistance. Actions ranged from social tenants taking homes, to the antics of ANAL in the wealthy West End.

SQUASH NewsRound: Mid-January 2013

The NewsRound will be a fortnightly to monthly post, keeping tabs on articles being posted in MainStream Media (MSM) sources, as well as independent channels (eg IMC, SchNEWS) about squatting, the new law (s.144) and possible new legislation (eg commercial). For the Period: 1st January – 5th February 2013. Contains: Early Day Motion 192, Repeal s144 LASPO Petition, Friern Barnet Library Saved Thanks to Squatting, Curtailing Freedom of Information by Criminalising Squatting, Another Arrest, Attack of the Media Whores, Greece: The Attack on Greek Squats [Villa Amalias et al], Brazil: “This fight will not be done for you, it will be done by you.” , Ireland: “Squatter told he can stay in NAMA ghost estate home”, Lambeth Super Co-op, Property Guardianship company Ad Hoc in Cardiff, Haringey Housing Public Event and Freedom Bookshop Firebombed.