Government consultation on squatting

The UK government is proposing to criminalise squatting and is currently asking for people to respond to the consultation paper via a questionnaire.

  • This is about more than just squatting: this will exacerbate the current housing crisis, erode tenants rights, and remove a fundamental right to protest
  • Please respond to the consultation by 5th October and tell the government that squatting is not a problem
  • SQUASH is working to make it easy for you to take action

Respond to the consultation now »

It’s clear from the tone of the consultation document, Options for Dealing with Squatters, that the Government is only interested in consulting those who agree with them that squatting is a problem. If you disagree that squatting is a problem and requires further legislation, you may want to make the Government aware of your opinions.

SQUASH has put together a set of guidelines to clarify the consultation and help you respond. We have also set up a quick response tool for those who don’t have time to answer the full questionnaire.

Get SQUASH’s guidelines for responding to the consultation
(PDF download 131kb)

Respond to the consultation

This is about more than just squatting: the proposed changes to legislation will push vulnerable people into further destitution when they are already having benefits and services cut from all angles. They will also remove a fundamental right to protest, further corrode tenant rights, and strip artists and musicians of one of the few means by which they can continue working in tough economic conditions.

The Government, at great expense to the taxpayer, is threatening to deepen the current housing crisis. The proposals will further stretch the police, the courts, and other housing and homelessness services at a time of cuts.

We need as many groups and individuals to raise their concerns and ensure that the real problems behind the housing crisis, and the issues surrounding homelessness, are not ignored.

Please encourage those whose opinions should be included in the Governments’ decision to respond to the consultation.

For further reading around these issues please see both our Resources page and the SQUASH blog.