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Film: Living History at Crossroads Women’s Centre

What the “Living History at Crossroads Women’s Centre” (2015) documentary makes clear the importance of squatting, the act of taking wasted space to meet social needs. Without this simple act, Crossroads Women’s Centre would never have been able to help the many thousands of women they have assisted over the years.

Happy Birthday Grow Heathrow – 28th Feb 2015

Grow Heathrow will be celebrating their 5th year as a squat and community project; the party starts Friday 27th February and ends Sunday 1st March, with the main celebration on Saturday. The weekend seems jam packed with pizza, workshops, music, theatre, panel discussions and much more; come for the day, or bring a tent & sleeping bag and crash there.

SQUASH Newsround: December 2014 – January 2015

Stories in SQUASH NewsRound: December 2014 – January 2015

Solidarity for Chanti Ollin, Mexico
Parliamentary Whispers
Love Activists Cause Christmas Storm
Occupy Democracy & Operation Safe Winter
Upcoming Events – January 2015
Positive Media – Videos
Positive Media – Articles
Negative Media – Articles

House of Brag: Squatted Queer Social Centre Opens…

House of Brag have established a new squatted Queer Social Centre in Brixton, and will be running a heap of events between June 29th to July 12th 2014, as an alternative to the corporate, homogenised, establishment official (Gay) Pride London.

For more information on events, check their blog: http://houseofbrag.wordpress.com/

SQUASH NewsRound: September – October 2013

SQUASH NewsRound September – October 2013: stories in this issue include: 1) Updates from SQUASH, Made Possible and UN Special Rapporteur doing study on UK housing; 2) Illegal break-in at Mare Street, Kabele Social Centre turns 18 and JB Spray squat is lost; 3) Operation Elven and Traveller Repression; 4) Migrant Solidarity in Calais, ZAD Anniversary, and more repression of shack dwellers in South Africa

SQUASH Newsround August – September 2013

SQUASH Newsround August – September 2013 contains the following stories: Letter from Chuka Umunna, Dame Tessa Jowell and Lib Peck re: squatting; Chuka’s response; Owen Jones’ Independent article defending squatting; Vice “expose” Weatherley for being two-faced (shock!); Made Possible By Squatting Exhibition in London comes to a close; Legal Aid Protest; “Using research to expose dodgy dealing” Training

Made Possible By Squatting Exhibition Now Open (9th – 16th September 2013)

Made Possible by Squatting Exhibition Extravaganza
9th-16th September 2013
Dock Street, London, E1 8JN
Exhibition// Archive// Workshops

SQUASH NewsRound: July – August 2013

SQUASH NewsRound July – August 2013: In this edition, the following stories: Cardiff Squatters take on the Prison System, Toilets Squatted in Bath, Mare Street is Back, Update from Made Possible By Squatting, The Mass Sleep Out, Raids on Greek and German Squats, The Australian Museum of Squatting, Old Fadama “slum” to be Bulldozed.