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Resist the Eviction of Yorkley Court Farm – from 1pm, 12 March onwards

Yorkley Court is a land-based occupation on the edge of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire that has been running as a community farm for almost three years now. It is one of a network of land squats across the country, such as Grow Heathrow (London), Runnymede (Windsor) and Rising Up (Bristol) which are protecting land from unnecessary development and at the same time, engaging in sustainable farming and off-grid living. Yorkley Court, after two years of active campaigning, legal challenges and land defence, is now facing imminent eviction from 1pm, Thursday 12 March 2015 onwards; they will not be leaving quietly, but they also need serious support if they are going to stay put.

Violent Russian Squat Eviction- Activists Face Ten Years in Prison

Russian police evict historic railway station in St. Petersburg which is due to be demolished to make way for high rise flats.

19 squatters arrested and several hospitalised. Those on trial need support and help with legal fees. Find out more or donate at- russiaukasn@riseup.net

The Friern Barnet Library gets Six Weeks before Eviction

Friern Barnet library was opened up by squatters and the community in September this year. The People’s Library now faces eviction, which could be as soon as six weeks from now.