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SQUASH NewsRound: September – October 2013

SQUASH NewsRound September – October 2013: stories in this issue include: 1) Updates from SQUASH, Made Possible and UN Special Rapporteur doing study on UK housing; 2) Illegal break-in at Mare Street, Kabele Social Centre turns 18 and JB Spray squat is lost; 3) Operation Elven and Traveller Repression; 4) Migrant Solidarity in Calais, ZAD Anniversary, and more repression of shack dwellers in South Africa

Punish landlords who leave property empty

We just got send this image through along with the accompanying text from a guy who is on a mission to make this a big campaign…. Do you think you pay too much rent? Do you work hard but cannot get onto the property ladder? Do you see decent buildings in your area demolished only for ugly soulless “New Builds” to be built and sold off at unaffordable prices? Are you sick of the corperate bribery fuelling the construction and destroying our communities? Rent and house prices all over the country are increasing constantly and uncontrollably. Many people rely heavily […]

Any squatters out there up for doing media?

Dear Squatters across the country, We have been fairly quiet recently but we want to assure you that we are doing all we can behind the scenes to ensure squatting in commercial properties remains an option for those who need to squat. We wanted to take this opportunity to rebuild our database of squatters who can do media. If your interested in doing media please send us over your contact details to When you get in touch someone from SQUASH will give you a call to discuss everything with you and we promise to hold your contact details anonymously. […]