Respond to the Consultation

The government’s consultation on the proposed criminalisation of squatting finished on the 5th October 2011. Keep following SQUASH to find out the results of the consultation. The consultation is supposed to allow the government to formally take public opinion and suggestions into account.

Here we have provided resources for you to understand it and quickly submit an email response to the government. The deadline was the 5th October 2011.

The full consultation asks a set of 22 questions. We have picked out the four most relevant questions to those who oppose the proposals and provided them in the form below.

Fill in your details along with any answers you would like to give (none are required). Then submit the form to send it straight to the government. You may also add a message to introduce yourself and your thoughts.

We will not use any of this information for any purpose other than to submit your response.

If you would like to submit a more detailed response, we have provided notes (PDF download 131kb) on the full set of questions to give wider context.